Why can’t Starbucks Seem to Avoid Controversy??

First it was the “War on Christmas”. Absurd! I tell you. I can’t believe how many conservative Christian types got all bent out of shape in a huge hissy fit over this crap. What was this all over? Well, Starbucks decided to come out with a line of ‘Holiday” themed coffee cups throughout their national chain of stores in the United States. And these are the same people who call us rational human beings ‘special snowflakes’ and complain that we are the ones who are getting our feelings hurt over nothing. I find this level of hypocrisy absolutely infuriating.

Well it was offensive to non-atheists throughout the country just as an error of omission. Just because Starbucks, who are a private corporation by the way and can do whatever the hell they please… just because they wouldn’t specifically acknowledge your specific holiday, you have to throw a tantrum and boycott.

Guess what? The rest of us don’t really give a flying you know what, and you can go get your espresso shots, your Americanos, your Italian sodas, or your flavored cappuccinos elsewhere. Stay the hell away from my liberally minded coffee shop, and keep your politics and religion out of my kids’ school.

I’ve gotten so fed up recently that I have started doing a lot of research into getting my own espresso setup at home. I have been reading through a bunch of crazy bloggers who have gone so far as to import full exotic espresso machines into their kitchen. In the past I absolutely would’ve thought that this was insane but the more I am sickened by the behavior of others, the more I consider this a viable option.

Did you guys see some of those horrific YouTube videos that came out after Trump’s election? There was some white man, berating some poor employee’s of color when they got his coffee order wrong. He went completely postal and blew up about how they now lived in Trump’s America so that they better get their minority selves in line. I can’t even deal with this ugliness in real life, so I think I’m going to have to learn how to make my own latte at home and avoid this kind of bigoted nonsense. I used to date a girl who worked at an internet cafe downtown, and she actually gave me a full tutorial on how to run the espresso machine once so I think I might be able to pull it off if I keep following these blogs. Speaking of YouTube, I always find instructional videos on there very useful, and I have managed to increase my coffee making prowess by watching many such lessons.

Back to Starbucks and the war on Christmas. I think this crap was formulated by Bill O’Reilly on Fox News. Or should I say Faux News? I’ll admit I actually used to watch his show, maybe because I got some sort of sick entertainment value in seeing the ignorance coming out of red America. Nowadays that the divide has become so deep, heated, and toxic I can barely even stomach the stuff. He’s been on this crusade for years, and every so often it manages to reemerge into the forefront of our discourse. We’ve dealt with it before and we can deal with it again, so let me be the first to say it here loud and proud, I’m sticking with #Starbucks yet again!