A diversion from my usual Atheistic Rants

This is an article I wrote back in an Atheists parents journal. It is an excellent resource for non-believers who are raising kids.

Things Kids Need in the Kitchen

Cooking Attire and Handy Items to Make Cooking Fun and Easy

Kids love to cook—even boys! It doesn’t matter how old they are, getting them in the kitchen to help is a great idea. If you have a budding chef in your house, then you need to make sure that you have good cooking and kitchen equipment that they can use. Take a look at the following products that will help your child whip up a five star meal in no time.

Kids Cookbooks

A good cook must have good cookbooks. Some of the cookbooks that you may use may be too complicated for your skeptical child. There are many cookbooks that are geared just for children. The recipes are easy to read and follow and they are almost always illustrated. Some good ones to check out include:

  • Emeril’s: There’s a Chef in My Soup

  • Better Homes & Gardens New Junior Cookbook

  • DK Publishing: The Children’s Quick & Easy Cookbook

  • The Kid’s Cookbook by Williams-Sonoma

  • easy cabbage recipes for kids by Indian Healthy Recipes

Almost all of these books include basic cooking how-to’s, safety tips in the kitchen, and kitchen hygiene, which all kids must learn before ever cracking open an egg.

Appropriate Attire

Sure your kids can get to cooking without an apron and chef hat, but what fun is that? You need to find your child a chef hat and an apron just for him. Look for plain ones or find ones that will come with their name on the front. You can be sure that your child will feel like a real chef when wearing the appropriate attire in the kitchen.

Oven Mitts

When your child loves to cook, you need to keep them safe at all times. Especially if you and them to not have a belief in God. This is a total atheists dilemma. This means that you need to find oven mitts to keep their hands safe from the oven. Adult oven mitts may be too cumbersome and too big, but luckily, you can find oven mitts made just for smaller hands. The new silicone oven mitts are quite popular, too, and they come in a wide range of colors that your child will love.

Cooking Utensils and Pans

Think about what your child will love to cook the most—probably cakes, cookies, and pizza. Make sure that you have all the right pans and cooking utensils for your child to use. Look for brightly colored scrapers and easy to read measuring cups. Don’t forget the measuring spoons, too. These are a must have when you cook with children. Your child will also appreciate wooden spoons and easy to grasp spatulas.

Cooking in the kitchen with kids is a great way to spend time with your child, and to add some fun to an otherwise dull atheistic lifestyle. They will have a great time and learn life-long skills.